BLE modules

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Bluetooth Low Energy (bluetooth smart / BLE) is an exciting invention revolutionizing the classic bluetooth industry. Displaying the same quality of sound and communication range, BLE modules consume significantly less energy in comparison to the classic bluetooth modules. This allows BLE modules to provide an enhanced user experience while maintaining low energy consumption.

Due to their innovative technology, BLE modules can be seen frequently used in many fields to replace classic bluetooth.

Low energy – high results

BLE modules hold significant advantages in comparison to classic bluetooth 5:

1.   energy consumption

Companies that use bluetooth as an integral part of their day-to-day function incur high costs due to quick battery drainage. If they use traditional bluetooth, they must own spare bluetooth devices to replace the drained-out ones, and they must charge them quite frequently.

In comparison, BLE modules require significantly less charging time and can be used for longer periods of time, therefore eliminating the two main problems in traditional bluetooth modules.

2.   long life span

Every time you charge the battery, the life span of your device grows incrementally shorter. BLE modules provide top-of-the-line technology which helps keep the battery life longer by reducing the energy consumption. Customers therefore enjoy a module with a significantly longer life span in comparison to classic bluetooth devices

3.   Environmentally-friendly

BLE modules are considered an environmentally friendly replacement for classic bluetooth devices. Their low energy consumption coupled with their longer life span provide a significant improvement from an environmental point of view.

Even if you are not environmentally conscious, many of your clients may be. Using environmentally friendly technology which also saves on the electric bill and provides you with a long-lasting devices is what we would call a win-win-win!

BLE modules are the future

BLE modules allow users to enjoy a technology that does not fall in quality and communication range from traditional bluetooth, all while cutting costs and energy consumption. BLE modules are compatible with classic bluetooth devices and use the same 2.4 GHz radio frequencies, and provide a significant improvement.

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