GNSS modules

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GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) is a satellite-operated system used to map out and locate transmitters around the world. GNSS modules interact with GNSS systems -groups of satellites working along a network of on-earth stations to accurately map the globe and carry communications with every corner on the globe.

The main GNSS systems in operation are the US Global Positioning System (GPS) and Russia’s Global Orbiting Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS). Europe’s Galileo and China’s BeiDou are still adding their satellite constellation and will probably be operational in the next few years.

The benefits of GNSS modules

Our GNSS modules are designed for top performance despite their small size and excellent prices.

GNSS modules allow you to interact with a vast (and expensive) infrastructure of highly accurate positioning technology. This allows you to enjoy access to GPS wherever and whoever you are.


GNSS modules are used in a vast array of commercial and governmental applications:

Navigation – use GNSS modules to create highly reliable navigation equipment including GPS trackers, virtual maps, navigation apps etc.

Health & fitness – embed GNSS modules in smart watches and step trackers to accurately monitor running, biking and walking.

Security – set off a GPS signal that will help you locate stolen and/ or lost electronic equipment.

Gaming – create AR games that can be played in the real world.


Our GNSS modules support technical businesses in a wide range of applications from app development to security. Our consultants are always happy to help customers find the right modules with an emphasis on efficiency and cost effectiveness. Our modules help you optimize the performance of your devices and create a reliable locating device.

Our GNSS modules meet the highest standards and work over vast expansions.

Our partners

We partner with U-blox to offer you the highest quality GNSS modules in the market. Contact us for more information and free consulting.

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