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Power inductors are passive components equipped with a tightly coiled conductive wire that create a magnetic field and store energy. Power inductors are great in minimizing signal loss, effectively filtering EMI interference and maintaining steady current flow. This combination makes them the default option for circuits with varying voltage.

Finding the right high power inductor isn’t always easy. With Elina you can find the perfect components for you. Drop your details below for free consulting.

Power inductors design

Power inductors must show a variety of characteristics and work in different contexts such as changing temperatures and varying power needs. In order to design good power inductors, the designer must take into account the effect of running different voltages through the power inductor and how that affects temperature, transmissibility and speed.

There are many factors influencing the quality of power inductors: for example, thicker or thinner winding can affect heat generation, magnetic shield structure and even noise.

We provide quality Coilcraft power inductors designed by the best engineers in the industry. Contact us for more details.

Types of power inductors

There are three main types of power inductors:

  1. Wire wound power inductors
  2. Multiplayer power inductors
  3. Thin-film types

The types vary from each other in their production methods, materials, etc. Some use ferrite magnetic materials while others stick with the metallic magnetics.

Ferrite cores – high μ value and high inductance

Metallic cores –  excellent saturation magnetic flux density


Our power inductors support technical businesses in a wide range of applications from app development to security. Our consultants are always happy to help customers find the right power inductors with an emphasis on efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Our partners

We partner with coilcraft to offer you the highest quality power inductors in the market. Contact us for more information and free consulting.

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