RF Magnetics

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Elina Engineering leads the market for electronic components and provides a wide array of RF magnetics, RF components, chips, inductors, coils and more. We specialize in accommodating each and every customer’s needs and provide the highest level of customer service. Our ability to match customers with the right component according to their need and price range is the reason our customers return to us again and again.

RF magnetics – the solution for electronic designers

RF magnetics show a high level of adaptability to many different industries. They’re used in the automotive industry, space, military systems, aeronautics and more. We provide four different kinds of RF magnetics: chip inductors, air core inductors, conical/ broadband inductors and broadband RF transformers.

chip inductors

RF magnetic chip inductors allow you to transmit and receive radio waves from an electronic device. Using an integrated circuit (IC), RF magnetic chip inductors may use high or low frequency radio signals and self-resonant frequencies. Chip inductors are mainly used in computers, microchips, RF transceivers and power lines.

air core inductors

air core coil inductors do not use a magnetic core but rather plastic, ceramic, or other nonmagnetic forms, as well as those that have only air inside.

Air core inductors are used for constructing RF tuning coils, in filter circuits, in snubber circuits, to ensure lower peak inductance and more

Conical / broadband inductors

Conical / broadband inductors are a special type of broadband RF choke, usually used to filter radio frequency (RF) and microwave frequency interference from electronic circuits. The RF choke allows to isolate noise or DC from desired signals

Broadband RF transformers

A broadband RF transformer is designed to operate over a wide range of frequencies with minimum disturbance. This requires that we use high permeability cores with relatively small windings.

broadband RF transformers allow you to produce a varying magnetic field is an electromagnetic device that sits between two or more circuits and uses changes of electric signals and the principle of induction in a conductor to produce a varying magnetic field (flux) that couples energy through to another conductor

Our partners

We partner with coilcraft to offer you the highest quality RF magnetics in the market. Contact us for more information and free consulting.

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Established in 1987 – Elina Electronic Engineering Ltd, as a Technical, Hi-Tech Distribution

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