Sub-1GHz transceivers

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Sub-1GHz Transceiver is a high-performance ultra-low-energy consumption RF transceiver designed to operate in the 452MHz to 527MHz frequency range.

The receivers are used for a variety of uses including home energy management systems, wireless alarm systems, smart home, smart lighting systems, and more.

The benefits of Sub-1GHz Transceivers

sub-1GHz transceivers have many advantages. The two most prominent of them are:

  • Long range- in the range of 110MHz to 1050MHz you can transmit radio waves over vast spaces. This range is frequently used in television, mobile phones, PGS, WI-FI, and 4G.
  • Reduced power consumption- save power using our high quality, ultra-low-power consumption sub-1GHz transreceivers.

sub-1GHz transreceivers are useful in a wide range of applications and provide a reliable module that can help you run your systems smoothly and efficiently.

Receive help from our professional consultants

If you are in the process of inventing, engineering or building an application or device using sub-1 GHz transceivers or modules, our consultants will gladly help you pin-point your needs and steer you towards the perfect solution.

sub-1 GHz transceivers are used in automation projects and projects involving the internet of things (IOT) such as smart homes / smart cities, automated metering infrastructure, industrial process control and more..

Use Sub-1GHz Transceivers in a wide variety of applications to ensure the flow of undisturbed and secured data transmission.

Elina Engineering

Our sub-1 GHz transceivers support businesses in a wide range of applications from video conferencing to smart homes. Our consultants are always happy to help customers find the most efficient components for any use. Our transceivers help you optimize the performance of your inventions and create a highly reliable communication network.

Our transceivers meet the highest standards of performance and energy efficiency. Contact us NOW for more information.

Our partners

We partner with silicon labs to offer you the highest quality sub-1 GHz transceivers in the market. Contact us for more information and free consulting.

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