Z-wave modules

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Z- wave modules allow your wireless devices to communicate with all other z-wave enabled devices. This powerful technology allows you to create a network of devices that can easily communicate with each other and with a remote control. Z- wave modules are used mainly in smart homes and wireless communication with household objects.

Create your own smart home

Z-wave technology has created a revolution in accessibility to smart home technology. Control any number of home functions using one simple, unified system. Z-wave modules are additive i.e. do not require a setup as one whole system but rather allow the gradual addition of different elements into the system.

With z-wave modules, you can now choose for yourself which functions of your house will be operated remotely. No need for expensive infrastructure or calculated planning. You can now find z-wave enabled switches, security systems, entertainment systems, lights etc.

Z-wave modules will revolutionize your life

Imagine coming home to a house heated up to exactly the right temperature, with your favourite music playing, the shades wide open, and the driveway and main hall gently lit up, awaiting your arrival.

With z-wave modules you could control security cameras, connect remotely to your home computer, and even connect it to voice-recognition technology for a real smart home experience.

Innovate with z-wave modules

Z-wave modules allow innovators to dream big and offer customers a budget-friendly futuristic experience. There is no limit to the amount of objects that can be wirelessly connected to a z-wave module system. This technology allows you to build upon an existing infrastructure and limitlessly expand your ideas. If you are an innovator looking to create something new and amazing, contact us for further customer support.

Our partners

We partner with Silicon Labs to offer you the highest quality Z-wave modules in the market. Contact us for more information and free consulting.

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