Passive Components

Magentics for RF, Power, Filter & Data

RF Magnetics

  • Chip Inductors
  • Air core inductors
  • Conical / broadband inductors
  • Broadband RF transformers

Power Transformers

  • Flyback, Planar, Configurable, Torodial, Custom, Isolation, Gate Drive, POE, High Temp/Automotive

Other Magnetics

  • Current Sense Transformers & Sensors, Common Mode Line Chokes, Mag Amps

Broadband Magnetics

  • Bias/Broadband Chokes, Wideband Transformers, PoE Magnetics, Dataline CM Chokes, xDSL Transformers

Power Inductors

  • SM Power, Through Hole, Coupled, High Temperature / Automotive Grade, Non-Magnetic, Class-D

IC-Specific Magnetics

  • IC/Inductor Matching Tool, Magnetics for: T.I, LTI, On Semi, Silicon Labs


  • CAN bus/CAN FD, Data Line CM Chokes, Power Line CM Chokes, Telecom Filters, Wirewound Ferrite Beads

Coilcraft CPS

  • Magnetic products for very high reliability, critical applications, such as aerospace, military, medical and other applications.

Micrometals magnetic cores are trusted by the most respected names in power electronics.  Global manufacturing, extensive prototype and customization capabilities have made Micrometals a leader in the industry for more than 65 years.



Iron and Alloy Powder Cores

  • Large Catalog of Standard Core Shapes and Materials
  • Extensive Customization Capabilities

  • Global Manufacturing and Inventory

  • New Shapes including – EQ and PQ Cores

  • New Materials for Optimized Core Loss and optimized DC Bias

  • Extensive website with Product Finder and Design Tools

Hi-Rel Fuses

  • For major space programs

SMD Fuses 

  • PPTC Resettable Fuses
  • Thin Film SMD Chip Fuses
  • ESD Suppressors / Varistors

Capacitors, RF & Microwave, EMI, Non Magnetic, Thin Film & Substrates

Thin Film Technology

  • 5 G Filters / BPF, LPF
  • Cavity Filters / Couplers / Power Dividers
  • Single Layer Caps 
  • Build to Print Thin Film
  • Custom Design Filters
  • Gain Equalizers, Bias Networks
  • Resistive Products – High Power:
  • Attenuators / Resistors

Hi-Rel Products

  • SO2A Space Grade Range
  • Radial Leaded Capacitors
  • Safety Certified Capacitors
  • DSCC Approved
  • Surface Mount EMI Filters
  • IECQ-CECC & AEC-Q200 Range

Trimmer Capacitors & Non-Magnetics

  • Precision Multi-Turn from 1MHz to 2GHz, up to 20kV
  • Half-Turn Trimmers
  • Non Magnetic Products

Multilayer Capacitors

  • Standard Range 10V to 12kVdc
  • High Q Capacitors
  • Ultra Low ESR Capacitors
  • Non-Magnetic Capacitors
  • Pulse Energy & Detonators

EMI Filters

  • Surface Mount EMI Filters
  • Panel Mount EMI Filters 
  • X2Y integrated Passive Components
  • Special Filters & Assemblies
  • Filters for High Rel Applications

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