Magentics for RF, Power, Filter & Data

RF Magnetics

  • Chip Inductors
  • Air core inductors
  • Conical / broadband inductors
  • Broadband RF transformers

Power Transformers

  • Flyback, Planar, Configurable, Torodial, Custom, Isolation, Gate Drive, POE, High Temp/Automotive

Other Magnetics

  • Current Sense Transformers & Sensors, Common Mode Line Chokes, Mag Amps

Broadband Magnetics

  • Bias/Broadband Chokes, Wideband Transformers, PoE Magnetics, Dataline CM Chokes, xDSL Transformers

Power Inductors

  • SM Power, Through Hole, Coupled, High Temperature / Automotive Grade, Non-Magnetic, Class-D

IC-Specific Magnetics

  • IC/Inductor Matching Tool, Magnetics for: T.I, LTI, On Semi, Silicon Labs


  • CAN bus/CAN FD, Data Line CM Chokes, Power Line CM Chokes, Telecom Filters, Wirewound Ferrite Beads

Coilcraft CPS

  • Magnetic products for very high reliability, critical applications, such as aerospace, military, medical and other applications.

(Ex Ericsson)

Flex Power Modules designs and manufactures board-mounted DC/DC conversion products which target the following key markets: telecom, data center applications, industrial and railway.

  • Isolated DC/DC modules
  • Non-isolated DC/DC modules
  • Direct conversion modules
  • Power interface modules

Hi-Rel Fuses

  • For major space programs

SMD Fuses 

  • PPTC Resettable Fuses
  • Thin Film SMD Chip Fuses
  • ESD Suppressors / Varistors

Capacitors, RF & Microwave, EMI, Non Magnetic, Thin Film & Substrates

Thin Film Technology

  • 5 G Filters / BPF, LPF
  • Cavity Filters / Couplers / Power Dividers
  • Single Layer Caps 
  • Build to Print Thin Film
  • Custom Design Filters
  • Gain Equalizers, Bias Networks
  • Resistive Products – High Power:
  • Attenuators / Resistors

Hi-Rel Products

  • SO2A Space Grade Range
  • Radial Leaded Capacitors
  • Safety Certified Capacitors
  • DSCC Approved
  • Surface Mount EMI Filters
  • IECQ-CECC & AEC-Q200 Range

Trimmer Capacitors & Non-Magnetics

  • Precision Multi-Turn from 1MHz to 2GHz, up to 20kV
  • Half-Turn Trimmers
  • Non Magnetic Products

Multilayer Capacitors

  • Standard Range 10V to 12kVdc
  • High Q Capacitors
  • Ultra Low ESR Capacitors
  • Non-Magnetic Capacitors
  • Pulse Energy & Detonators

EMI Filters

  • Surface Mount EMI Filters
  • Panel Mount EMI Filters 
  • X2Y integrated Passive Components
  • Special Filters & Assemblies
  • Filters for High Rel Applications

(Previously silicon I&A division)

SKYWORKS acquired the Infrastructure & Automotive business of Silicon Labs 

Isolation Solutions

  • Digital Isolators
  • Isolated Gate Drivers
  • Current Sensors & Isolated Amplifiers
  • Isolated FET Drivers

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

  • Powered Devices
  • PSE Controllers

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